The geniuses at CHI and LG H&H collaborated to innovate the hair color industry


  • Semi-permanent, Demi-permanent, Permanent,  Gray coverage, Lift & Tone up to 3 levels , Tint back
  • 108 Shades to select from Color Chart
  • Unlimited Customized formulations
  • Show clients what their color will look like using simulation Mode
  • Saves time by dispensing fresh color formulations under two minutes.
  • 30% Reduction in waste from overmixing formulations
  • Environmentally friendly, reduces packaging waste in salons from color bottles, tubes and boxes

Color Dispenser

  • Stainless steel cabinet
  • Lightweight and easy to clean for convenience 
  • Quiet operation with no machine noise
  • Touch Screen Tablet
  • Transparent safety glass allows viewing of  the machine in action formulating color
  • Formulate directly from color dispenser or  remotely from anywhere in the salon using the App
  • Built in sensors and scale for precise  formula measurements
  • Indicator lights let you know the color formulation is complete
  • Voice Activation and lights let you know  when to remove the bowl.

12 – 14.1 oz. color or developer canisters
Color cost per oz is $1.38
3 aerosol canisters of permanent base hair color: Level 1,3,5
6 aerosol canisters of additives to create color tones: Red, Gold, Violet, Ash, Beige, Blue
2 aerosol canisters of developer: 1 and 40 Volume
2 aerosol canister of Clear
Aerosol canister design helps prevent  oxidation of color
Each canister is clearly labeled to make  replacement simple
Canisters are recyclable

CHI Colormaster Stylists Guide