Setup and Maintenance

How The CHI LG Colormaster Factory Works

CHI Color Master Factory Program

Start by purchasing a Master, Starter or Stylists promotion Kits.  This will qualify to join our CHI Color Factory Program and receive your CHI Color Factory, a value of 10,000

You have two options:

  1. Monthly lease program– perfect for small independent salon owners. CHI Color Master Factory for only $100.00 a month.
  1. Qualified by purchase of CHI Tools, haircare or color- CHI Tools, haircare or color- perfect for larger salons. If you purchase a minimum of 20,000 a year in tools, haircare or color you will receive a rebate of $1,200 per year for your qualifying purchases.  *If you do not meet qualified purchases you can continue with the lease agreement and pay a yearly lease at the same monthly rate of $100.00

*both programs require a signed lease or purchase agreement

  • 1 CHI Color Factory Dispenser with tablet and software.
  • We assist with set up of the CHI Color Factory in your salon.
  • You will receive free education training on the CHI Color Factory. A full day in person training.
  • Ongoing access to our technical advice hot line and ongoing training to ensure your success. Classes can be in person or by Zoom depending on availability.
  • Full warranty on the CHI Color Factory as long as you’re enrolled in the program.

Sign up today! One of our Sales Representatives will contact you to set up a free training and shipment of the CHI Master Color Factory. 

Installation For The Dispenser

  1. Plug the cable into the main power source
  2. Power on the main switch
  3. Open the left hand side door, then push power button on the tablet to turn it on.
  4. The COLOR MASTER application will start automatically.

Notice: If it does not start automatically, make sure that the tablet
power cable is plugged in.

  • Make sure the router is on to secure Wi-Fi conncection
  • Select Wi-Fi button.
  • Then, select Wi-Fi network to connect to dispenser.
    1. In the COLOR MASTER application, go to MANAGEMENT tab
    2. Select REPLACE to install canister
      *The selected canister will move to the left side door
    3. Open the left side door and pull the canister mounting handle out then lift up
    4. Match the nozzle to the slot in the canister holder and insert canister
    5. Pull down and push in the canister mounting handle
    6. Close the door and select YES that the canister has been replaced
    7. Repeat steps 2-6 for all 12 canisters
    8. Select CLEANING once all canisters have been installed
      *Cleaning tab will be flashing
    9. In the cleaning window, all of the canisters should be automatically check marked. If not, select the ALL checkbox.
      Select START to begin cleaning.
    10. Select OK once cleaning is completed
      NOTICE: Do not use a clear or transparent bowl for cleaning. If a bowl is not on the scale, a prompt will appear.

    WARNING: For safety reasons, rotation will not take place with an open door. Close the door after each replacement/new position.

    Clean mode includes calibration for dispensing accuracy. Do not shake the machine or the dispenser may be damaged while cleaning.

  • In the COLOR MASTER application, go to MANAGEMENT tab
    NOTICE: Do not place a bowl on the scale plate. If a bowl is on the scale, a prompt will appear.
    Do not open the door while in Initializing mode.


  1. Select SETTINGS
  2. Select GENERAL
    • LANGUAGE: Confirm or check language. The voice guide also changes based on the voice/language selected. To change the language for the +ADD COLOR
    • FORMULATION screen, see Administration Options under Advanced Settings.
    • UNIT: Select grams or ounces
    • CLEANING AMOUNT: Determine how many grams to dispense from each can for cleanings. The recommended standard amount for each can will be preset.
    • SERVER API: Data connection to server
    • AUTO CLEANING TIMING: Select frequency for Scheduled Automatic Cleaning alert
    • OPENING HOUR: Set up to your opening business hours and the Scheduled Automatic Cleaning alert will appear at this time
    • LOG DATA SYNC: Sync the log data between machines
    • SAVE LOGS: Manually upload logs of the dispensing history
    • SAVE BACKUP: Back up the dispensing history and settings manually.
    • LOAD BACKUP: Load the dispensing history and settings.

Machine NAME is editable to recognize dispensers, if there are multiple machines in same area.

  1. To access the menu bar, swipe down twice on upper screen.
  2. Press and hold Bluetooth Icon.
  3. Under Connection Preference, select Bluetooth.
  4. Press device name and rename to your preference.
  5. Swipe up on the bottom bar and select the application to check that the machine name has been updated.

Warning: Changing advance settings may interfere with operation of dispensing. This should only be accessed by the business administrator or salon manager

NOTICE: If you forget the password, call the Customer Service Center. Security questions will be asked to confirm the assigned personnel to machine.

  1. Select Manager Icon
  2. Enter store password
  3. From this screen, you can
      1. Press ADD STYLIST to edit list of stylists if needed
      2. Press photo image to select the following options: take picture, select picture and cancel.
      3. Fill in the required field.
      4. Press UPDATE to register.
        Notice: The options to change or delete the stylist’s information are available.
    2. RESET URL
    3. LANGUAGE – change the language for +ADD COLOR FORMULATION screen

Downloading And Installing Application

  1. Go to the Play Store
  2. Download COLOR FORMULATOR application.
  3. Obtain store number, company number and pin number in advance
  4. To register user, fill in phone, store, company and pin numbers.
  5. Select the machine icon to view list of machines, then select machine of choice.

Daily User Guide

  • Clear out all apps and restart COLOR MASTER app
  • The machine will automatically initialize
    WARNING: Do not place anything on the scale and do not open the side or front doors while initializing
  • A prompt will appear for any scheduled automatic cleanings
  • Place recommended CHI bowl on the scale. Select Ok and wait until finished.
  • The automatic cleaning may take 2 ~ 5 minutes to complete
  • If there is any issue, contact the customer service center.
    WARNING: Do not open the side or front doors while cleaning/dispensing


    • Go to the MANAGEMENT tab
    • Select CLEANING
    • Cleaning window will appear with all 12 cans listed. Select the ALL checkbox. *Individual canisters can also be selected or deselected
    • Before cleaning begins, place a bowl on the scale and wait until finished.
    We recommend cleaning the nozzle with this feature.
    • From the MANAGEMENT tab, select WIPE ONE BY ONE
    • Use a damp towel or tissue to wipe each individual can nozzle
    • Select NEXT to rotate cans
    • Open the left hand side door
    • Take out the tray
    • Wipe away any product with a damp towel/tissue or gently rinse with water.
    • Return the tray to the correct position by inserting into the groove.
    • While the left hand side door is open, access the center tray through the front basket door
    • Gently push up along the edges to lift tray
    • Remove through left door
    • Wipe away any product with a damp towel/tissue or gently rinse with water.
    • Return the tray to the correct position
    It is VERY IMPORTANT to take out the scale plate before cleaning the basket.
    • Gently pull the basket out
    • Wipe away any product with a damp towel/tissue or gently rinse with water.
    • Push the basket back in place
    • Place the scale plate back making sure the scale pin sits properly on the scale knob